Habitat Kamloops is announcing the temporary closure of its ReStore located at 800 Fortune Drive on the North Shore. There are several factors contributing to the closure of the ReStore.


The downturn in the economy resulting from the impacts of Covid and the shifting of consumer shopping habits have impacted the store’s revenues. Further, we have seen a reduction in major donations and local drop-offs.


Since moving to the new location there have been multiple break & entry’s, windows broken, defacing of the building and damage to the roofing & skylights. There have been issues of people sleeping on the doorways and camping on the property, staff have been physically accosted and verbally abused, and, most recently, staff were forced to deal with a person wielding an axe in the Society office and ReStore. The safety of our employees, volunteers, and customers is of paramount importance and a priority.


The move to the current location was a temporary accommodation as the site is slated for redevelopment. This was a short-term solution while seeking a permanent location for the Society offices and ReStore.

William Miller, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Kamloops, said “We were very excited to move to the 800 Fortune Drive location and it’s unfortunate the decision had to be made. Habitat Kamloops will maintain its administrative and operational offices there but relocate the ReStore inventory & operations to the Salmon Arm location.

For more information about the Kamloops ReStore closure, contact William Miller, Executive Director at (250) 314-6783 or bill@habitatkamloops.com