Habitat for Humanity Kamloops & Kamloops Immigrant Services (KIS) have joined together in developing a combination of offices and residences on the sunny North Shore.The current location of KIS at 448 Tranquille Rd will be transformed into offices on the main floor and plans are being made to develop 30-units of residential housing on the upper levels.

KIS has always envisioned that one day the society would be able to work to improve housing prospects of newcomers in the long-run directly, through the development of new housing. “We have saved & planned for years in order to make this possible” said KIS Executive Director France Lamontagne. “Now we are very pleased to be able to work with Habitat for Humanity Kamloops to make this dream a reality”.

KIS provide services to help their clients connect to the mainstream services such as governments and community service providers, the labor market, employment standards, workplace expectations, education system, banking in Canada, tax payments/credits and the provincial health care system. 
KIS have many programs designed to enable social, economic and community participation. Aimed to enhance the Newcomer’ sense of belonging and provide opportunities to integrate. KIS recognizes its responsibility and role in the collective impact of ensuring Canada is a safe, supportive home for newcomers, and acknowledges that improved outcomes for newcomers strengthens the fabric of our community socially, culturally and economically through the unique talents, perspectives and experiences that newcomers bring. 

As an experienced leader and service provider in settlement services, KIS is committed to promoting awareness of the contribution’s newcomers bring to Canada.Habitat for Humanity Kamloops & Kamloops Immigration Services are coming together to provide safe & attainable housing for new families in our community.

This project will not only provide affordable housing, it will help to create jobs and continue to improve and develop the North Shore of Kamloops.