Selection Criteria

Partner families must meet three essential criteria:

  1. NEED: Applicants living in substandard housing are given preference. Those currently living in subsidized housiong may also be eligible. You must have been living in the community where we are building for at least one (1) year. Some of the factors considered are
    • Current housing conditions such as poor wiring, ventilation, insufficient heating or bathroom facilities
    • Health conditions– when medical conditions are made worse by current housing
    • Family size as it relates to overcrowding
    • Percentage of income currently spent on housing (more than 30% of gross income spent on housing costs)
    • Safety of neighbourhood in which you currently reside
  2. ABILITY TO PAY: Habitat Kamloops does not want to put a family into a situation they cannot afford. “Ability to pay” implies that:
    • A family earns enough income to pay an interest-free mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance and all costs associated with home ownership.
    • You must have a job and show a steady work history.
    • Total family gross income must fall between $34,000 to $52,000*
    • The monthly payment is based on 30% of the family’s total family gross income. This covers the mortgage and property taxes.
    • Income is verified for all adults intending to live in the home.
    • The family’s income is reviewed annually and the mortgage payments are adjusted accordingly.
  3. WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER WITH HABITAT KAMLOOPS: Some of the factors considered:
    • Willingness to participate in Habitat activities and work with Habitat in promotional and media events
    • Willingness to live in a community with families from a variety of socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds
    • Determination to improve their family’s current situation
    • Ability to schedule and complete 500 volunteer hours prior to moving into the new home. (see below)

*Family gross income totals currently under review


Sweat Equity is hands-on involvement of Partner Families in the construction of their own homes, as well as participation in other habitat activities. 500 volunteer hours are required prior to moving into the home, which represent the Partner Family’s commitment to their Habitat home and community.

Sweat Equity is designed to meet three goals:

  1. Partnership– provides meaningful interaction between Partner Families, Habitat representatives and volunteers
  2. Pride of Ownership– investing Sweat Equity hours in their own home helps families transition to ownership
  3. Development of Skills and Knowledge– Partner Families gain an understanding of the construction of their homes and future home maintenance needs




If you meet the basic selection criteria that is outlined here, then we want to talk with you about a partnership. Download and fill out The Application, then send it in. You can reach us at or mail your application to:


Habitat for Humanity Kamloops
Family Selection Committee
28-1425 Cariboo Place,
Kamloops BC  V2C 5Z3

Your personal information is collected and used by Habitat For Humanity Kamloops (HFHK) for the purposes of administering our programs, including the Partner Family program. By signing this form, you agree that HFHK can share your personal information with other agencies, including Equifax, CMHC, MCAP and our banking partners. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact Kim Cassar Torreggiani, Executive Director at 250-314-6783.