Should I apply for a Habitat Home?

Should I apply for a Habitat home?

Who can apply? Single parent families and families with children can apply. Applicants must be a legal resident of Canada and have lived in Kamloops or a minimum of one year. We embrace all socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Partnership Habitat for Humanity does not give away houses Habitat homes are sold to our Partner Families at current market value, with special provisions including no down payment and an interest free mortgage.

Sweat Equity Each selected Partner Family will volunteer a total of 500 “Sweat Equity” hours, which must be completed prior to moving into a Habitat home. Families will work on the construction of their own Partner Family home, in our ReStore or at Habitat Kamloops fundraising events. Sweat Equity is an important way to demonstrate commitment to home ownership and partnership with Habitat. Sweat Equity is not a down payment and there is no monetary compensation for sweat equity hours.

Cost and size of Habitat Homes Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent homes with some volunteer labour in order to help reduce construction costs. The Partner Family is also responsible for the payment of property taxes, city user fees, insurance, maintenance and all costs associated with owning and maintaining a home.

Interest Free Mortgage
Partner Families purchased the home from Habitat Kamloops with an interest free, maximum 35 year term mortgage that Habitat Kamloops carries. The mortgage has a number of special terms, including a buy-back provision in the event that the homeowner wishes to sell.

Do I need to submit my CRA forms, pay stubs and Equifax Credit report? Not at the initial application stage. If you are shortlisted, the Family Selection Committee will advise which documents are required.

How do I apply? You can download the application to become a Kamloops housing partner here or contact our office for details. Application forms are also available for pick-up at our Kamloops ReStore location.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: We are not currently accepting applications.


OVERVIEW- Family Selection Process

  • You must attend a Family Information Session in the current year. If you meet our Selection Criteria, you can request an application form at the meeting.
  • You must submit your completed application to Habitat Kamloops’ office by the deadline noted on the application form.
  • The Family Selection Committee will review all applications and meet with eligible families for the first interview.
  • The Family Selection Committee will interview the families who have been chosen to move forward in the selection process.
  • All family members must be present for the in-home interview with several members of the Family Selection Committee.
  • The Family Selection Committee will meet to evaluate families they have visited and select families to enter the Partnership Program.
  • Selected families will be contacted and notified of their approval. they will then be asked to sign a Partnership Agreement and to begin their Sweat Equity hours.
  • Families who are not selected will be notified by mail. You are invited to re-apply the following year.
  • Once a family completes their Sweat Equity hours and the home is complete, they move in and sign a tenancy-at-will agreement. Families who successfully achieve their partnership responsibilities are offered mortgages after they move into their home.